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10 Class Pass for $80 (limit 2)  – Enter Discount Code BF10 when you sign up online

Gift Card for 6-month prepaid membership & $25 gift certificate – $400

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6-month prepaid membership & $25 gift certificate – $400

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Barefoot Studios is more than a Yoga studio – It’s a community

– a gathering place for those who seek to care for themselves in a welcoming, safe, comfortable, and supportive environment at all levels. It’s something that really has to be experienced first-hand (and bare-foot)! Come prepared to laugh, connect, explore, indulge, inspire, and be inspired.

Our Offerings

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30 days | Unlimited Classes | Both Locations
6-month membership $69*/month: Sign up online and save the $20 activation fee! *with auto-withdrawal
200 Hour Special – Save $750 off Tuition
Chakra Series – Sign up for individual courses or the whole 7 month series!

About Us

Barefoot Studio is more than just an affordable place to take Yoga classes. Barefoot Studio has evolved into a gathering place for like-minded souls to learn, explore, and enjoy an ancient practice backed by modern science with benefits beyond compare. Every Barefoot Studio Yoga instructor is verifiably certified to offer guidance so each student receives maximum benefit within his/her capability, safely.


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