Yoga Etiquette & Tips

Drop-ins are always welcome. To attend any of the weekly classes, just show up 10-15 minutes early to meet the teacher and to fill out a registration form.

Clothes and yoga mats

You will want to wear comfortable clothing that isn’t too baggy and doesn’t restrict movement. A t-shirt or tank-top with sweats, shorts, or stretch-pants work well. Yoga is practiced with bare feet, so prepare to remove your shoes and socks when you arrive. Yoga mats are free to use during your first class. After that, students are asked to bring their own mat to class.

Class attendance etiquette

  • Please arrive 15 minutes before class begins. Late arrivals are not permitted into class.
  • Be mindful of personal hygiene.
  • Please refrain from wearing perfume or cologne.
  • Putting on lotion right before class will cause you to slip.
  • Wear clothes to move in.
  • Bring a yoga mat and towel if you have one (rentals are available).

Some Helpful Tips:

  • Absolutely no experience is necessary.
  • No matter your weight of fitness level, you CAN practice yoga and Yoga WILL help you reach your goals.
  • Don’t worry about not knowing poses or stumbling. We all started as beginners. Our instructors are here to help and offer suggestions for modifications that work for you.

The most important thing to remember is that you are coming to feel good. If you leave the class feeling better than when you walked in the door, something amazing just happened. We have 11 different instructors and 28 classes to explore! It’s like ice cream… you know you are going to like it, you just need to find your flavor! Welcome to Barefoot Studio.