Chakra Immersions

Exploring Your Inner World One Chakra at a Time

In this 7 part series, you will dive into each chakra individually for 4 illuminating days in Aravaipa Canyon.
As a guest to this special place one gets to marvel at the energy, feel the presence of the spirits that gently float on the winds and the sound of the stream, be awed by the beauty of the cliffs, the wilderness and wildlife and be mesmerized by the sound of the ever flowing creek.

Take the chakras you want to explore or sign up for the whole series!

Students will learn to awaken the Kundalini and guide it to or through each Chakra to provide physical, mental, and spiritual healing, strength, and balance. Deepen your knowledge of anatomy, physiology, Yin and Yang asana, Pranayama, meditation, dietary and lifestyle practices.

Upon completion of this intensive, students will be equipped to practically interweave knowledge and practice in these areas to cleanse, balance, and energize the body through the seven primary chakras.

Each weekend is all inclusive: lodging, meals, course work, activities, and course materials.

Whole Series: $5,700  Early Bird Pricing: $5000

*Early Bir Pricing must be paid by May 30, 2018

Individual Chakra Course- $975  Early Bird Pricing: $879

*See individual courses for early bird payment deadlines

Course Schedule

August 30th- September 2nd 2018- Ajna (Third-eye) Weekend

October 4th-7th 2018- Mooladhara (Root) weekend

October 25th-28th 2018- Swadisthana (Sacral) weekend

December 6th-9th 2018- Manipura (Solar Plexus) weekend

January 3rd-6th 2019- Anahata (Heart) weekend

February 7th-10th 2019- Vishuddhi (Throat) weekend

March 7th-10th 2019- Bindu (Crown) weekend