Barefoot Studios is more than a Yoga studio – It’s a community

– a gathering place for those who seek to care for themselves in a welcoming, safe, comfortable, and supportive environment at all levels. It’s something that really has to be experienced first-hand (and bare-foot)! Come prepared to laugh, connect, explore, indulge, inspire, and be inspired.

Our Offerings

Fresh Start

Start your day the Barefoot way! Wake up and dive into this refreshing invigorating, interactive class. Beginners will learn yoga language and be given the opportunity to explore each pose to its fullest in preparation for different level classes, while the more advanced yogi can enjoy holding poses for a little longer than usual to maximize their strength and flexibility. All levels.

Heated Stretch

The room is a cozy 80 degrees. Find your space on the floor and let the heat seep in, melting away strain and stress as you sink deeper into your stretch. Relax and enjoy. All levels.

Barefoot Studios Community Classes


Come find community and relaxation. Perfect for the beginning yogi and highly beneficial for the advanced. Explore the softer side of yoga. Indulge yourself in stretching, soft movement and breathing, and be inspired to drop in, relax, let go, and become fully present. All levels.

About Us

Barefoot Studio is more than just an affordable place to take Yoga classes. Barefoot Studio has evolved into a gathering place for like-minded souls to learn, explore, and enjoy an ancient practice backed by modern science with benefits beyond compare. Every Barefoot Studio Yoga instructor is verifiably certified to offer guidance so each student receives maximum benefit within his/her capability, safely.


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