Why Barefoot?

Barefoot Studio is more than just an affordable place to take Yoga classes. Barefoot Studio has evolved into a gathering place for like-minded souls to learn, explore, and enjoy an ancient practice backed by modern science with benefits beyond compare. Every Barefoot Studio Yoga instructor is verifiably certified to offer guidance so each student receives maximum benefit within his/her capability, safely. Our caring and knowledgeable Yogis offer personalized direction on proper alignment, technique, exertion, and modifications. Beyond what our instructors offer, many Yoginis have found a joyful and supportive community among peers in their favorite classes. New members are eagerly welcomed into the fold of the Barefoot community by students, instructors, and staff alike.

Barefoot Studio is more than a Yoga studio. It is a community – a gathering place for those who seek to care for themselves in a welcoming, safe, comfortable, and supportive environment at all levels. It’s something that really has to be experienced first-hand (and bare-foot)! Come prepared to laugh, connect, explore, indulge, inspire, and be inspired.

Whether you’ve never stepped foot on the mat or are an experienced practitioner, Barefoot Studio offers classes and workshops that will help you achieve your personal goals and fitness levels. See our class schedules or call us for more information.

Barefoot Studios is now certified by the state of Arizona as a Post Secondary Education Facility, further your education by joining our Yoga teacher training!


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Leave your stress at the door at Barefoot Studio in Tucson, Arizona. Take a moment to re-energize and focus on you.
At Barefoot Studio, health and wellness is our passion.